Interview survey in Europe

The interviews conducted for this project consist of two main parts; the first aiming those who are currently living in Japan for a prolonged time and the second focused on those who have an experience of living in Japan for a prolonged time in the past, but currently live in Europe (or elsewhere). Whereas both groups are being interviewed throughout the duration of the project, the later part is planned to be conducted mainly in the period between March 2022 and March 2023 while the main I reside in Europe. In the following lines, you can find some basic information about the subjects and interviews and if you can participate in the project, please do not hesitate to fill the contact form and I will get in touch with you.

Who can become part of the project?

Any European with an experience of living in Japan is welcomed to participate in this project. More particularly, anyone fulfilling the following basic conditions is most welcome to participate in the questionnaire survey:

  • a citizen of any of the European countries (including those who lost such citizenship due to naturalization or hold multiple nationalities etc.)
  • to have an experience of living in Japan for about one year or longer for any purpose (e.g., work, study, working holidays, family reasons)
  • not currently living in Japan (living in Europe or elsewhere as well)

What are the interviews like?

Interviews last about 30 to 60 minutes and consist of basic questions about the experience of living in Japan:

  • when and for how long
  • what was the purpose of the stay
  • what was the motivation to go to Japan
  • what were the reasons to leave Japan
  • satisfaction with work/study and life in Japan in general
  • satisfaction with the current work and life
  • subjective meaning of the experience of living in Japan

The interviews can be conducted face-to-face but depending on the place, time or other constraints, online interviews are possible as well. In the case of an online interview, I will provide you with a simple link that you can access from any device connected to the internet with a browser and microphone.

As for the language of the interview, it can be conducted in English, Japanese or Slovak/Czech.

There is no need to prepare for the interviews in advance.

Anyone who would be willing to participate in the project, please contact the author and I will get in touch with you soon. Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.

What about privacy and ethic standards?

This research follows the standards set by the Independent Review Board (IRB). The permission to conduct this research has been obtained from Ryukoku University and its Ethical Committee on Research Involving Humans for the interview survey (June 2019).

You can learn more about privacy protection of the participant in each of the surveys on the following links: