Questionnaire survey privacy policy

The data collected for the questionnaire survey are anonymous and the survey does not collect any information (e.g., IP address) that can lead to identifying individuals. However, based on your choice, contact information will be collected as well. The following lines should clarify how such data will be handled and protected.

What and how is being collected?

Those respondents who will choose to be informed about the updates from the project or would allow the researcher to contact them about the possibility of an interview in the Question 29 will be asked to provide their email address, name (optional) and town/city they reside in Japan (optional) in the following question (30).

Those who check option “I don’t want to be contacted” in the Question 29 will not be asked to provide contact information and Question 30 will be automatically skipped.

Any other information that could lead to the identification of respondents (such as geo-location information or IP addresses) will not be collected for any of the respondents.

Why are contact information collected?

Name and email address are collected for the purposes of contacting you (either with the updates or interview request) and the city/town information will be used for considering the possibility and time-frame of the interviews.

How your data will be used?

Contact information will be used solely for the purposes you allowed in the Question 30 (i.e, to send you updates on the project or contact you with an interview request). You will not be contacted for any other purpose without your previous consent.

Importantly, your personal information (name, address or email address) will not be shared or sold to any third party.

How will your data be handled and secured?

Your contact information will be separated from your response before the analysis and handled separately. In this way, your response to the questionnaire (i.e., all questions until and including Question 29) will remain anonymous and your personal information will be handled with even greater caution and confidentiality .

Your personal information will be securely stored by the researcher and access to them will require password known only to the researcher. These personal information will be stored only for the duration of the project and will be discarded by the end of the March, 2023 .

Your rights

You can always ask to withdraw from the project, it means to be removed from the mailing list or from the list of interview candidates. In this case, all your personal data will be removed from the database and you will not be contacted anymore. You can ask to be removed from the database by contacting the researcher below.

If you are participating in the interview survey you also have a right to withdraw from the project or to be forgotten. Lear more about rights of the interview survey participants

Contact the researcher

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